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Promotional Coupon Code

Hi Everyone,

I Just Wanted to Let All Know That i am Doing a PROMO SALES in my Website Where i Sell Downloadable Digital Manuals as PDF Format.

I Did this a Few Years Back and Quite a Few of the Guys Joined in on this Promo Deal. Many People have Joined my Mailings Since then, so Wanted to Let Everyone New know.

How this Works?

If you Order and Pay Worth $20 or more, you can get $10 Promo Coupon Code which i send to your email address.

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To make it sure that you can get your Coupon Code, Please email us and ask for your Coupon Number.

How to Use Promo Coupon Code?

1. Go to my website and Just Take a Peek any Manuals you want, and there are Over 3000 Shop Manuals Listed for you Already Now, and Adding More Daily.

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Note: If you purchase below or exactly $10 amount you will be directly to a Free Checkout, But if you purchase more than $10 you will directly to Paypal Payment and Pay the Remaining amount.

5. After you Follow all my Instructions Above you will be Directly to the Download Area and you can get your Manual over there as a Adobe Pdf Download.

Quick Reminder: Some of my Manuals are not yet in Auto Delivery System, Don't worry and panic i will sent you the Download Link for your Manual/s to your email.

Good Luck and Enjoy my Promo! SEE YOU.....

(This Promo start at May 6 up to May 31, 2017 Only!)

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