Downloadable Pdf E-book  for the Small Engines,Motorcycles,Tractors,Outboards,Carburetors,Aircrafts and Automobiles Parts Overhaul Shop Service Repair Workshop and Troubleshooting Manuals and many more.

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How to Download Manuals

After payment has been confirmed or completed at Paypal, there will be a link that says Return to Merchant / (Download E-book this is the name of my Paypal account)

Click on that link, and it will take you back to the HOMEPAGE of

You will see this on the screen. see images below and follow!

You can click directly the downloads and it will take you to the Account Downloads Page.

But if you click my account you can see this image below and under My Orders you can find Downloads.

Click Downloads it will take you to the Account Downloads, and on the right side you will see the Cloud Button.

Click on that Cloud Button and wait until it's finished downloading your manual.

Remind: if you ordered more than one manual, then click each Cloud Button one at a time

Some of the manuals are quite large, so I suggest that you either change the power setting of your computer so it doesn't go to sleep or just browse the internet while it is downloading.

If you have any problems, don't worry as you have 5 attempts so just try it again.

Another option if you are busy and would like to just download it later.

We automatically send an email to your Email Address that you used when making your account after the Payment Process with the Order# including order details.

(please check your spam folder if you did not get it in your inbox)

In that email there is this link below;

Click that link and it will take to you to the Account Download Page and you will find the Cloud Button there, just click it.

Wait until it has completed downloading your manual.

That's it and your Done!

If by chance you still have problems just Email me and I will make sure that you get what you paid for!

iPhone and iPad users:

This download is in zip format and requires additional software to access. WinZip is a free utility which can accomplish this.

Sometimes these are large files and it is normal for Safari to display a blank page during the loading process.

This may take a minute or two, please be patient.

Once the download is complete, Safari will display the option to open the pdf file in Winzip or other associated application(s) you may have.

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