• 1933 - 1951 Indian Motorcycle Riders Instruction Manual

This 42 page Indian Riders Instruction Manual dated 1951, and has Operation, Maintenance, and Specifications Information from 1933 through 1951 for the Indian Motorcycle.

Models below:

Indian Eighty 80 Chief

Indian Seventy Four 74 Chief

Indian Four 4

Indian Thirty Fifty 30:50 Junior Scout

Indian Fourty Five 45 Sport Scout

Dispatch Tow

Contents Below:

A Word to the Indian Rider.

Battery, care of.

Bearings, Steering Head, adjustment of.

Bearings, Wheel, adjustment and care of.

Brakes, Front Wheel, adjustment of.

Brakes, Rear Wheel, adjustment of.

Carburetor, adjustment of.

Carburetor Filter.

Chains, adjustment and care of.

Cleaning Oil Tank and Crank Case.

Clearances on Latest Indian Models.

Clutch adjustments.

Controls, adjustment of.

Controls, manipulation of.

Distributor, adjustment and care of.

Electrical System, 1941-42.

Filling Tanks.

Fork and Fork Links, adjustment and care of.

Gear Shifting.

Gear Ratios.

Generator, adjustment and care of.

Generator Belt and Chain, adjustment.

Handlebar Mounts, adjustment.

Head Lamps, connecting and adjusting.

Ignition Timing.

Lubrication, Chart.

Lubrication, Primary Drive and Clutch.

Lubrication, transmission.

Magneto, adjustment and care of.

Motor, how to break it in properly.

Motor, lubrication of.

Motor Registration Data.

Motor and Serial Numbers.

Motor, starting the.

Motor, troubles and remedies.

Oil, changing to fresh.

Oil, recommended grades of Indian.

Oil Level.

Oil Pump.

Saddle Adjustments.

Spark Plugs.

Timing, Valves and Ignition.

Tire Pressures.

Trouble Saving Tips.

Valve Tappets, adjustment of.


Wheels, removal of.

Wheel Bearings, adjustment and care of.

Wiring Diagram.

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1933 - 1951 Indian Motorcycle Riders Instruction Manual

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